Monday, September 19, 2011

Favorites as of now :) 9/19/2011

quote: "i've heard of the word fear,
  i simply choose to believe it doesn't apply to me"
number: 4
movie: she's the man, x-men deadpool, the help
song: fine by me, andy grammer

band: andy grammer, he is we, parachute
music genre: country
color: yellow & purple
food: steak & shrimp
restaurant: garden house & pastry pub
quote from movie: bros, brothers, brethren? you're the guy,
  the bigger guy.  why yes i do my favorite's gouda!

holiday: thanksgiving
season: summer
accent: australian & british
commercial: "dirty socks"

you tube video: kid history 6

reality show: the bachelorette, bachelor pad, sytycd, abdc
sitcom: friends

drama: pretty little liars, switched at birth, the lying game
play: shakespeare abridged
book: hunger games, mortal instruments, the infernal devices
actor: dick van dyke

actress: amanda seyfried
website: mlia, dear blank, please blank, i waste so much time
cereal: waffle crisp
fruit: peaches & pineapple
candy: reese's & tootsie pops
smell: cologne & rain
song lyrics: livin might be taking chances, but they're worth takin,
 lovin might me a mistake, but it's worth makin. i hope you dance.

drink: blue mtn. dew

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